How to Submit an Item for Authentication

Please follow these simple steps to submit your item for Authentication.

  1. If you are a new client, please register for an account, if you are a returning client, please sign in.
  2. Please provide us with the following detailed information and images.
    1. What is your artifact? (briefly describe)
    2. Where did you acquire it?
    3. Provenance Information (what is your knowledge of the history of the artifact)
    4. Size of the artifact (height x length x depth)
    5. Image of the artifact - please upload image(s) of the artifact
  3. Submit Item for Review and pay initial review fee ($50)
  4. Review - Graceland Authenticated services will contact you within 10 business days with initial evaluation results to let you know if authentication can proceed or if we are not able to authenticate at this time.
  5. If your artifact is accepted for further research and review, you will be contacted with the instructions form to ship your item to Graceland and the authentication fee to proceed. Payment is required at the time of shipping the artifact to Graceland. (The authentication fee is calculated at 10% of the fair market value if the artifact with the assumption that the artifact is authentic. The fair market value is based upon sales of similar items, our experience and knowledge of the market and our assumption that the item will be deemed authentic. The minimum authentication fee is $150.)
  6. Ship - Send your artifact to Graceland Authenticated per the instructions provided.
  7. Once your artifact is received by Graceland Authenticated services, research generally takes 4-6 weeks to complete.
  8. Results - Graceland Authenticated will contact you to let you know that you item is ready to be collected by the shipper of your choice. A formal letter ("Letter of Authenticity" or "Unable to Authenticate") will be included with your artifact.

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