How do I submit my artifact for authentication? You will easily be able to submit a request and an image of the artifact you would like to have authenticated by following the simple step-by-step instructions on the site. Once you click the Submission button above, you will be able to submit and upload information and images of your item.

How long does it take to have an artifact authenticated? Authentication time can vary once we receive the item in person depending on the complexity of the research and investigation required, but generally the process takes 2 weeks for the initial review and 4-6 weeks for the in-person review and research once the artifact has been received.

What is the process for authenticating my artifact? Once you have submitted the request and uploaded images of your artifact, the information will be initially reviewed. At this point, you will receive indication to send you artifact to Graceland for first-hand evaluation or we will alert you that we are not able to authenticate your item at the present time.

What is the cost for Authentication? Initial on-line submission review is $50, should your artifact be accepted for first-hand review, you will be contacted with the authentication fee and instructions for shipping (the authentication fee is calculated at 10% based on the fair market value of the artifact, which is determined by Graceland Authenticated from comparable sale prices of similar artifacts, our knowledge of the market and other available means). The authentication fee is subject to a $150 minimum.

How do I send my Item for Authentication? With the request to send the artifact to Graceland Authenticated for first-hand review, you will also receive specific shipping instructions. Please be sure to insure your artifact in transit. Graceland Authenticated will alert you when your authentication is complete so return shipping arrangements can be made.

How can I have my entire collection authenticated? Please contact us with a detailed list and sample images of your collection and we will contact you to make special arrangements.

What am I paying for? You are paying for Graceland Authenticated services to review and research in order to make a determination and provide an opinion on the authenticity of your artifact. Fees are for work completed to arrive at the result and therefore non-refundable.

What is a Letter of Authenticity versus an Unable to Authenticate letter? A Letter of Authenticity is a formal, security enhanced letter specific to an artifact, which confirms the authenticity of that artifact. An Unable to Authenticate letter indicates that the submitted item, for any one or combination of a variety of reasons, is not able to be positively authenticated based on our thorough review and extensive research.

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